Economics is a social science that studies how people make decisions and how groups of people coordinate resources.

If you are a person who makes decisions, or likes to have resources (like food, clean water, or education) - you should want to know more about how those things happen!

You already know a lot of Economics. You've been making decisions your whole life! But learning the specific terms Economists use can help you clarify your thinking and communicate your decisions to others. It can help you describe the type of society you want to live in and engage more fully in policy debates.

Guinea Nomics approaches economics as a science, separate from ideological imperatives.

Do guinea pigs have preconceived notions of how the world should be? Of course! We all do! But like every good scientist, they strive to observe the world as it is and understand it on its own terms. With a lot of cuteness and a little sass.

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The Real Boy

 Corporations are people, too.